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Asian Paints Apcolite Premium Emulsion provides a rich and matt finish to the wall due to its super-acrylic quality.
Utsav Distemper is a water based finish which does not come out on the hands or clothes like chuna.
Asian Paints Apex Weatherproof Emulsion is a smooth water-based, modified acrylic, exterior wall finish with silicon additives.
Asian Paints Ace Exterior Emulsion is a water-based exterior wall finish with silicon additives suitable for dry to moderately humid climatic conditions.
Asian Paints Asian Wall Putty is a white cement based product with redispersible polymer and functional additives for application on interior and exterior rough plasters to give a smooth finish.
Asian Paints Epoxy Tri Block is an epoxy cementitious coating for positive side waterproofing of cementitious water retaining structures.
Royale Aspira is the international gold standard in paints. Technologically, it is amongst the most advanced paints in the world. When applied on walls, it imparts a high sheen
Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Proof is a fiber reinforced elastomeric liquid applied water proofing membrane. It is formulated with select elastomeric and resilient acrylic polymers and reinforcing synthetic fibers. Upon curing, it forms a thick, seamless, durable membrane thus offering ultimate waterproofing.